Year 1 Delamere Trip

Lesson: Learning Outside the Classroom

Class: Class 1 Year: 2018 - 2019

Forest Explorers Trip

Year 1 had such a wonderful time at Delamere Forest.  We started off the morning learning about how trees grow and how the Forestry Commission look after the forest.  We also played games to help us to learn what acorns need to grow into oak trees.  We finished off the morning using anything that we could find in the forest to make models of trees.  Once our models were finished we had to label the seeds, leaves, branches, bark, roots and trunk. 

In the afternoon we worked in groups of 10 to build dens using branches, sticks and leaf litter. The finished products were amazing!  The children then got inside their dens for a picture.

Year 1 were so well behaved and Mrs Hughes and Mrs Bradley were very proud of them all.  A special thanks must also go to Mrs Davies, Mrs Hancock and Joseph's Mum for spending the day with us all. smileyyes

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