Class 4 2020 - 2021

Mrs Richards

Hello Everyone

As you may be aware, on Monday we are going back to having hot dinners in the hall.  We are still on staggered lunch times so that the children remain in their 'bubbles' but our lunch has now changed to 11.45 - 12.30.  This means that we have a shorter morning but a longer afternoon.  All children will now be eating in the hall (hot dinners and packed lunches) and then going out to play.  I hope that you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Richards :)

Things to remember:

Monday - bring back your spelling homework and new spelling homework given out

Tuesday - PE kits

Wednesday - bring back your literacy and maths homework

Thursday - PE kits

Friday - literacy and maths homework given out

Learning objectives for the week beginning 5.10.2020


Adding using the compact and expanded column method

x3  x4  x6  x9  times tables


Plan and write a description about a Viking Great Hall.

Grammar:  Understanding the concept of a sentence; co-ordinating conjuctions (FANBOYS)

Spelling: Prefixes de and re

Example:  de+mist = demist              re+cycle = recycle

Rule:  Prefixes are a 'no nonsense' rule in that they bolt on to the root word with no changes in the spelling of the root word.



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