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House Captains and House Points

Welcome to the House Point page.

At Highfields we run a house point system for the children, whereby they receive house points for such things as good behaviour, good manners, kindness, presentation of work and many other things.  Pupil can also gain points when taking part in our sport days and representing their school in other activities. These house points can be given by any members of staff.  During Friday's celebration assembly the team with the highest score is read out and the team captains are presented with a cup.  Team captains are represented by pupils in Y6. At the end of each half term the house with the most points are celebrated.

The house point system encourages children to always try their best in class and to encourage positive behaviour.   Our school has five houses and as a child commences school they are put into one of the houses.  They are encouraged to achieve as many points as they can, which they then record on a weekly chart.  Children from the same family will always go in the same house.

The House Point system has proved to be very popular and is certainly an exciting moment during Celebration Assembly.

Spring Term 2016

Week 1  Congratulations  to the Blackbirds with a score of 82 points.

Week 2  This weeks winners are the Goldfinches with a total of 96 points,

Week 3  Congratulaions to the Kingfishers with a score of 80 points.

Week 4  Winners this week, by only one point, the Blackbirds with a score of 62 points.

Week 5  Congratulations to the Woodpeckers, with a wonderful total of 182 points.

 Half term winners are also the Woodpeckers, with a fantastic score of 384 points. Well done!

Spring Term 2

Week 1  Congratulations to the Blackbirds, with as score of 62 points.

week 2   Well done to the Goldfinches, with a total of 80 points.

Week 3  Well done to the Blackbirds again this term, with a score of 68 points.

Week 4 Congratulations to the Goldfinches, with a total of of 65 points.


Sumer Term

Week 1 Congratulations to the Woodpeckers with a fantastic total of 124 points. A wonderful start to the term.

Week 2. Well done to the Kingfishers with a score of 58 points.

.Week 3.  Congratulations to the Robins this week with a score of 83 points.

Week 4. With a grand total of 95 points, Kingfishers are this weeks winners.

Week 5 and 6. Congratulations to the Blackbirds with 138 points.

Summer Term 2

Week 7    Congratulations to the Kingfishers with a score of 144 points.

Week 8    Well done to the Blackbirds with a score of 119 points.

Week 9    Well done to the Blackbirds again, with a score of 90 points this week.







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