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Miss Garner

Friday 24th January 2020


This week we have been focusing on ‘Chinese New Year’ as the children have been talking about the fireworks happening tonight at school. The children have taken part in a variety of different activities such as, writing Chinese numbers, writing cards for family and friends and making lanterns to decorate our classroom. The children watched a short video of the story of ‘Chinese New Year’ and why this year it is the year of the rat. We then went on to write our own versions of the story and read the names of the animal in the story to draw pictures.

In maths, we have had a big focus on number bonds to 10. The children are beginning to understand, using visuals such as hands and a tens frame, that 2 numbers add together to make 10.

We are continuing to have Golden Time on a Friday afternoon. Next week the snack will be rice cakes.


The sounds we have learnt in phonics so far are;  s    a    t   p    i   n    m   d   g   o  c   k  ck   e   h    b    f    ff   l   ll    ss     j      w   v     x    z     zz   sh     ch    th    ai    ng                       


Tricky words: I, the, and, to, here, come, no, go, said, look, was, of, so, are, be,


Challenge words: Children, then, they



How to support your child at home this week:

- Number bonds to 10. We would really like this to continue at home as the children seem to be picking it up at school quickly. Children have to know that if I was to say the number ‘9’ they would say ‘1’ as 9 + 1 = 10. Children needing a little more practise can work with number bonds to 5 and then build up to 10. To challenge children they could write these down as number sentences (5 + 5 = 10, 6 + 4 = 10) as this will build up their understanding.



-  Letter recognition. As we are beginning to write more frequently in class we have noticed that some children are still struggling to remember how some letters are formed. Please keep practising this at home as it will build muscle memory so that children can write sounds more independently. The letter formation sheet is still accessible on our class page.


- Phonics sounds. Practise the phonics sounds we have learnt at school this week. Can the children tell you the sound the letter makes and what its name is? We have also practised writing these letters so this could be another good activity to do at home. I have added a sheet of how to form letters correctly onto the class page.


- Reading. Please listen to your child read at least once a night or every other night and record this in their reading diaries. You may also want to read their book one night and play a game with some HF words the following night.




Friday 24th January – Chinese New Year Fireworks Night.


Wednesday 5th February – NSPCC Number Day


Tuesday 11th February – Internet Safety Day


Friday 14th February – School Finishes


Monday 24th February – INSET day


Tuesday 25th February – School opens.



Unfortunately, we have noticed that some of our equipment has gone missing in class such as; cars (we had 6 new ones at the start of the week and now only have 1), marbles, lego and pens. We have spoken to some children personally as we have noticed them putting equipment in their pockets or draws and have also spoken to the whole class about this. Please could we ask that you speak to your child about not taking anything from school that does not belong to them. Thank you for your support.



Have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Garner 

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