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Miss Garner

Friday 15th November

This week we have been celebrating Remembrance and Children in Need. On Monday the children watched a short clip about Remembrance Day and we discussed why we wear red poppies. This was then followed by a 2 minutes silence. Lots of the children painted some beautiful red poppies that are now hung up on display in our classroom. On Thursday, the children all enjoyed a Children In Need picnic lunch in their wonderfully decorated yellow bags. They have also had the opportunity to buy a biscuit today to support the day.

In maths, we have been using the ten’s frames and numicon to count numbers up to 20. We have now also introduced the language of 1 more and 1 less where the children had to show how they would work out the answer using the equipment provided. Next week we will look at how this is also shown in a number sentence.

As this week has been anti-bullying week we have looked at the focus of ‘Kindness’. On Monday we talked about how to be kind and what being kind does for other people. The children have all created posters on how to show kindness and have talked about what their picture shows. We have also gone back to our cut and stick activity from last week and labelled the different pieces of clothing that you would wear in winter. The children have really blown me away with this as they are recognising letters independently and are using their sounds to write words.

The sounds we have learnt in phonics so far are;  s    a    t   p    i   n    m   d   g   o  c   k  ck   e   h    b    f    ff   l   ll    ss                                     

Tricky words: I, the, and, to, here, come, no, go,



How to support your child at home this week: 

Matching lower and uppercase letters:  As many of the children now know the names of some letters, we are going to look at upper and lower case letters to see if they can match them correctly. This would be a great activity to complete at home, getting children to recognise them and begin to form them.


Buttons:  Most children can now independently get themselves changed for PE and Forest School; however we still have some children still struggling with their buttons. Please encourage your child to practise fastening and unfastening their buttons themselves at home. The children are immensely proud of themselves once they can do this and want to share their success with myself and the rest of the class. PE – MONDAY   Forest School – THURSDAY


Phonics sounds. Practise the phonics sounds we have learnt at school this week. Can the children tell you the sound the letter makes and what its name is? We have also practised writing these letters so this could be another good activity to do at home. I have added a sheet of how to form letters correctly onto the class page. 


Reading. Please listen to your child read at least once a night or every other night and record this in their reading diaries. You may also want to read their book one night and play a game with some HF words the following night. 



Wednesday 11th December – KS1 Christmas Play (2:00pm and 6:00pm showing)

Tuesday 17th December – KS1 Christmas Trip

Wednesday 18th December – Christmas Dinner

Friday 20th December – Last Day

 Monday 6th January – First Day back


Well done to all those children that had their Fluenz spray on Thursday. You were all super brave and took it in your stride.


All letters have now gone out informing you of your child’s part in the Christmas play. You may drop their costumes off now until the date stated on the letter. If you have misplaced this letter please let me know as I will be able to print you off a new one. Play practise in school is in full swing!


I have been asked to remind all parents that foods containing nuts are not allowed in school due to some children having nut allergies.  


We will be continuing Golden Time this half term every Friday afternoon. Our snack for next week will be bread sticks. We are still applying the rule that Golden Time will only be given to those children who have not been on the traffic light during the week. 


Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Garner 


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Christmas Lunch, by Mrs Betteley

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