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Year 1 visit St Mary's Chruch

Date: 17th May 2017 @ 2:17pm

On Monday 15th May, Year 1 went to St Mary's Chruch. 

When we got there we looked at some things in the church. We looked for a mouse running up a chair that was carved by a clever man long ago. We looked at the special occassion scarves that the vicar would wear, William E, Alice, Freya W and Leo got to try them on. We saw some big curtains with Mary and Jesus on. We looked at the golden eagle and Alice and Jacob G got to read a prayer from behind it. 

We saw the Easter candle and learned about its impotance at Christenings. We saw where the floor used to be and there was writing on the floor for graves. We put some pebbles in the pond and thought about a prayer. We got to listen to the organ, it played high notes and low notes and it was very loud.Elliott and Fletcher got to dress up like monks who used to come to the church. 

Year 1 had a great time at the Church, but everyone was very tired on the walk home.


Written by Year 1

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My brother archie and me Callum wrote:

Its amazing because it has been a good day because I love miss Aston

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Alice Matthews wrote:

I think it was really fun because my mummy came.

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